While there are many issues I care  deeply about, I am sure the following five points are at the top of your priorities too! The following five-point plan is my commitment to you and to Alberta, and I will continuously stand up for: 



To be elected is to be entrusted. I take your trust in me as the highest obligation a person can be given. As such, I am committed to serving you and our community to the best of my knowledge and abilities.

I grew up in country where freedom, human rights, education, healthcare, and rule of law, were non-existent, because as Albanians in Kosovo, we were persecuted based on ethnicity.
I lived through a war. I was separated from my family and became a refugee at the age of 16. I survived and never gave up my dream of becoming all I could become.

And, I did it. Please read my brief bio to learn more about me. Now, I want our common dream for Alberta to become true. We are blessed to live in this province. Alberta is the best home one can ask for.

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Teaching has always been Tony's passion. He believes that quality education enables prosperity for a society. Always committed to the next generation.
A global citizen and internationally engaged scholar, Tony has a thorough understanding for public policy issues and a critical mind that can help resolve them.
Always ready to help others, Tony is a people's person and a committed humanitarian. He believes it is our duty to help those less fortunate and more vulnerable.
An Edmonton Consular Society awardee, Tony has made Edmonton and our great country better understood abroad and more cherished by many who have come to live here.
A passionate speaker, he inspires many. Above all, he has been an inspiration to students and young professionals. Tony is a caring leader.
Whether here or abroad, Tony has always found ways to celebrate our great nation. He believes Canadians in general and Albertans in particular have a lot to share with the world.
Committed to truth, tolerance, and understanding, Tony won't ever accept injustice. Fairness is a principle and trustworthiness is a virtue he highly values.
A dedicated husband and a loving father of three, Tony sees family as the foundation of life. The stronger our families, the better our lives. Family values are traits that keep our generations linked to each other from one century to another.
A well organized community is the cornerstone of social, cultural, and volunteer activities and the generator of solutions to common problems. Tony is never afraid of taking on community problems and working with all stakeholders to deliver the right solutions

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